Welcome to our, After School Art Classes. A place for all creatively inclined kids who love to express themselves through : drawing, doodling, painting, crafting, sculpting or creating amazing art pieces using different mediums, techniques and styles.

It is also a place for creative kids to learn about different Art forms from around the world so that they can incorporate them into their own art.

Our After School Art Classes run every Monday from 3.30 Pm – 5pm during school term. The classes are currently based SOR but we will be offering more classes NOR from next year. Hooray!

Each class has a maximum of 15 students per class for children

between 5-12 years ( Pre Primary to Year 6).

The art classes are free flowing, incorporates mindfulness, meditation, gratitude and take inspiration from the Montessori style of teaching. To enable children the opportunity to learn art, learn to problem solve, be flexible and creative, to understand the importance of team work irrespective of age and the fact that children of different age groups can work together on similar art projects.

Our Art class has repeatedly proven that it is possible for 5 year olds and 12 year olds to work side by side

and create unique pieces of Art.

Creative Skills

Creative learning

Learn about art principles
Learn about colour theory
Experiment with different mediums
Create mixed media artRead More »

Creative Thinking

Confidently express art
Creative & experimental
Environmentally conscious
Up-cycling materialsRead More »


Learn gratitude
Learn meditation
Learn YogaRead More »


Andie facilitates learning and fun in class, prepare lesson plans and teach each class with mind fullness and fun.

Andie has a Bachelors degree in Computer Graphic Design and is the creative director of her own digital design business. Andie loves creating mixed media illustrations and has held her own solo art exhibition at Bassendean in 2012.